Monday, 31 December 2018

Tips for preparing your garden for winter

They think that winter is a time for the shed of leaves but definitely wrong, you should wait for the spring to work on them instead of leaving it. It’s very important to take care of your garden during winter because of coldness plans health being in danger.


North Brisbane Concretor wants to grow healthy crops in their field so for that you have to follow certain steps –

  • When you came to know that the winter is near to come, the month of October and November is the right period to take action
  • When forty-five degree less Fahrenheit around four day
  •  That’s the right time to differentiate between the plants, which doesn’t grow well in winters
  •  Just remove all those SHADE PLANTS from the garden
  •  Place only the hard plant which can handle the coldness
  • Weeds and rotten leaves should be removed because it causes the disease to the plants

So, your garden looks colorful and a healthy garden which plants better for the winter season

    Aster Novi – belgii
    Anemone japonica
    Brussels sprouts

How to protect the plant in winter?

You can put mulch in your garden can be helpful for you to have them from the sudden temperature changes occur.   

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Artificial Grasses: Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grasses

In today’s time, technology is there for environmental benefits. Earlier the artificial grass Brisbane was limited to sports but now people are aware of it. It is very real and an alternative to natural grasses.  It is used for roof gardens, for dogs as well. In this post, we will explore some benefits.

  •     Time-saving
This artificial grass doesn’t need any type of maintenance and also no need to look at it in summer. You can easily focus on other important things and enjoy with the time.

  •     Better for older people
It should be opted by the old people because it needs very little care, as they can’t take care of the natural grass in their lawn because of their age. It is realistic to the natural grass. Landscape Brisbane is a Brisbane based landscaping maintenance, construction as well as Design Company.

  •     Cost saving process
Its one-time investment made by the Landscaping experts in Brisbane and it makes the lawn very beautiful by giving the real color of the natural grass.

  •     Reduce water wastage
No need of water as it’s artificial whereas natural grass needs water and it’s soaked in hot summer very much

  •     No use of fertilizers
It’s artificial so no need to use any kind of fertilizers for the proper growth of the grasses.